Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hail Mary's Inc.

What We Do
• Chef
• Nutritionist/ Weight Loss Specialist
• Food Consultant
• Home and Commercial Kitchen Organizer
• Food and health lectures
• Interactive school programs
• Group or individual cooking lessons
• Food stylist
• Food writer/blogger
• Cooking webisodes

How We Do It
• Teach adults and children how to cook with basic cooking skills
• Assess how you’re eating and reshape your eating lifestyle
• Assess family meals and dynamic
• Develop new ways of thinking about food
• Create strategies to maintain new ways of cooking
• Create fun and interactive learning environments in schools, classrooms and homes
• Create a visual food atmosphere based on scripts
• Write about today’s food trends
• Create user friendly videos about simple cooking techniques

Who We Serve
• Single individuals
• Couples
• Newly Weds
• Families
• Companies
• Non-profits
• Elementary, middle and high school
• Universities and colleges
• Studios
• Internet readers across the country

Needs Addressed
• Inexperienced cook
• Fine tuning kitchens
• Change in unhealthy life styles
• Organizing meal plans
• Saving money in and out of the grocery store
• Dietary restrictions
• Lack of education about whole foods and health
• Dis-functional family lifestyle
• How to grocery shop affectively
• Buying for many
• Cooking for a party
• Party etiquette (service, food, place setting)
• Actors with dietary restrictions on set
• Teaching private chefs about personal needs of the client

Our Success
• Cooking Spot on “That Morning Show
• Interviews on Helen Ford Walace’s TV show at The Oklahoman
• 36 Cooking with Chef Mary Webisodes
• Writer/blogger at The Communities at The Washington Times
• Quoted in The New Jersey Star Ledger
• Quoted in The Los Angeles Magazine
• Gingerbread house in The LA Times
• Supported with product by companies such as Smart Water/Glaceau, Amber Pollard, Curious Chef, Stella Rocco and Audrey K Fashion
• A Chef for actors, studio execs, top writers and athletes in Hollywood
• A creator and head chef at Larchmont Grill
• Worked at Michael’s in Santa Monica and Lucques in Hollywood
• Taught at The Arts Camp, elementary schools, universities and cooking stores in both California and Oklahoma
• Currently working with The California Center for Healthy Living

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pond Hill Farm

Cooking with Chef Mary's Pond Hill Farm Webisode! A real farmer doing real work!

For more like this go to Chanel ChefMPM at:


Monday, August 3, 2009

School Classes And Assembly

My interactive programs are a way to educate children and teach them about ways to make healthier decisions. As indicated in the attachments the program combines an educational talk, food science experiments, games and cooking demonstrations that is fun for all ages with an emphasis on learning how to make healthy decisions.

Classes for children and adults

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By: Chef & Nutritionist Mary Payne Moran

Courses are connecting the Mind with the body, and teaching how to listen to your inner body about food.

Chef Mary Payne Moran is a Los Angeles chef that teaches cooking classes for kids and adults. She is featured in The Washington Times Communities; “That Morning Show” You Tube, Cooking with Chef Mary, Twitter, & Facebook. She has taught children and adults cooking techniques and healthy eating in homes, private as well as public schools cooking schools and more in the Midwest and in Los Angeles.

As a professional chef Mary helps people through her cooking and, as a nutritionist she guides them through her words. The truth is it’s easier for someone to maintain a healthy lifestyle when she’s in control of the cooking, but it is more important in the long run to teach someone how to cook for themselves. Chef Mary understands that life is busy, and everyone is juggling an agenda but it is time to empower yourself. Cooking is both enjoyable and enlightening.


Vegetables or Not Here I Come (Fun kids program)

Course Description- Combines a fun educational talk, food science experiments, games and cooking demonstrations that is fun for ages 4-13 with an emphasis on learning how to make healthy decisions.

Culinary Kids (cooking class for kids)

Course Description- Culinary Kids is a beginning cooking class that will allow your children to feel confidant and safe in the kitchen. They will learn the importance of food handling, beginning techniques, food science, how to cook real food that they will love, and most importantly have fun! Cooking helps reinforce reading, writing, math, science and, of course, nutrition. It will help them to make good healthy choices for the rest of their life.

Cooking Classes for Adults-

  1. Taco Trio- Three different healthy style tacos.
  2. Muffins and cupcakes- Learn how to make the favorites that you love.
  3. The Mediterranean Munching Mantra. A healthful exploration of the Mediterranean culture and their aligned ways of eating.
  4. Down Home "Healthy" Cooking- Take old favorites and give them better healthful twists.
  5. More classes at: http://hailmarysboutiquecatering.blogspot.com/2008/08/cooking-classes.html

Talks for Kids and Adults-

  1. Feeding you and your family- a realists guide to managing your family’s health and well being with easy organizational tips and menu ideas.
  2. The art of winning the "NO" battle of food with your children
  3. A Q&A about your child's biggest food battles
  4. Is sneaking healthy foods into your child's diet the right way to go
  5. The In's and Out's of balancing your child's diet

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Seasonal Party Menu!

February Menu


  1. Chicken Quesadillas with avocado cream sauce
  2. Crostini with a white bean and roasted garlic puree
  3. Baked Brie with caramelized onions and french bread


  1. Grilled asparagus with lemon vinaigrette and shaved parmesan and chives
  2. Baby arugula with hearts of palm, marinated artichokes, grape tomatoes and champagne vinegar
  3. Shredded nappa cappage with pomelo supremes, almonds, raddichio and a citrus vinaigrette

Main Courses-

  1. Rustic winter tomato and sausage stew with garlic kale
  2. Beef bourginon with wild mushrooms potato leek gratin and sauteed kale
  3. Chicken and grapes with a tarragon cream sauce and green beans with almonds
  4. Grilled marinated pork tenderloin with a cherry glaze sweet potatoes and haricot vert


  1. Chocolate brioche bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream
  2. Swedish chocolate pancakes with creme anglaise
  3. Home made Smores

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Mission Statement

Hail Mary's

Dedicated in offering the best service to families founded on the belief that food nurtures the soul. Improving the lives of others in the world of health and food.

Family Meals
Family meals are a comforting ritual for both parents and kids. Children like the predictability of family meals and parents get a chance to catch up with their kids. With more and more double-income families and children involved in numerous after-school and sports activities, the family dinner hour has disappeared. Hail Mary’s is a way to reconnect the family around the dinner table. Less time will be spent fusing over making dinner and more time engaging with your children, your spouse, and your friends.

Hail Mary’s
Has the highest standard in delivering quality meals, keeping up with the families busy schedules and making good nutrition a priority.

Cooking Classes

A fun evening of entertainment, food and wine pairing! Also available private in home cooking classes.
Classes Offered-

Spanish Tappas Party-

1. Paella
2. Brie with carmelized onion
3. Albondigas
4. Arroz con pollo
5. Seasoned Shrimp

Winter Feast-

1. Winter Salad-Mixed Greens, Mandarin Oranges, goat cheese, red onion, and balsamic vin
2. Braised short ribs
3. Parmesan Couscous
4. Hallah Bread Pudding

Summer Feast-

1. Prosciutto wrapped melon
2. Gazpacho
3. Lime Chicken
4. Oven Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Something a Little Intimidating-

1. Lobster
2. Grilled Butterflied Lamb
3. Vegetable Quinoa
4. Chocolate Souffle

Chicken 5 ways-

1. Chicken milanese
2. Chicken Marsala
3. Coq Au Vin
4. Chicken Chili
5. Pan Roasted Boneless chicken

Super Bowl Party-

1. Boneless hot wings
2. Onion strings
3. Chicken parmesan sticks
4. Sausage and peppers
5. Chili
6. Crudite and blue cheese dressing from scratch
7. Artichoke dip

Southern Cooking-

1. Caesar Salad
2. Baked Mac and Cheese
3. Pork chop with apple chutney
4. Corn Gratin
5. Apple Cobbler

Italian Meal-

1. Antipasto Plate
2. Mixed Greens
3. Chicken parmesan and simple home made tomato sauce
4. Pesto tortellini
5. Tiramisu